Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day weekend!

Got some help from the troops at home this weekend! Something unusual for a change!! Noah and Pop pops helped with the vacuming! Will was informed unless he buys a vacume soon ( in NY we had central vacume and when DD was living with us after moving here we used hers so now we still don't have one here so we keep borrowing ones and I just can't use them because they are not easy ones to use and with my neck I have to have ones that self propel.) so I informed him I refuse to vacume so live with dog hair,etc. He puts it off because the self propelled ones aren't cheap and he is mr. cheap himself....

Memorial day we went to Colleen's from Church for a picnic. Jay Jay was being just like dad and climing the trees, Aunt Mindy took a picture of dad in the other tree at the same time!
Right after we ate lunch, they started a soft ball game, I missed the picture of Jay jay hitting the ball at his first up to bat, then before he could get up to bat again his dad hit a ball way across the dirt road into the field and Colleen fell in the road going to get it and cut her leg open badly so I took her to the hospital for stitches so never got any more pictures.
Did I say very badly!!! SHE got 24 stitches in her knee!! I knew the moment I looked at the knee it was bad. She hates for people to make a fuss and was worried about her husband so she tied a bandana she was wearing on her head around it, so I was the only one who ever saw how bad it was and so when we came back and I told them 24 stitches, no one would believe me!! It looked like a big smile on her knee.
So much for a relaxful day!!! But she took it very well!

Well this week is the week Amy and Jason move in, so Lord I am trusting this is the right decision!!
Yesterday Wendy moved back, and I will no longer have the responsibility of helping her and I am so relieved! She was so much more mentally ill and manipulitive then I ever realized. I am hoping that the release of that stress will help me physically also.

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