Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The best time! Just what I needed

My painting friend came from NY to visit!
she calls me her secound daughter, she feels like a secound mom, yet even more! What a joy! She flew in on wed. On friday we drove to Viking woodcrafts and bought some woodsupplies and some great painting books for 1.95!!! Then we drove to Plymouth for the weekend for a painting seminar with national teacher Judy Diephouse and a whole weekend in a hotel with no household duties, no cooking! Just relaxing at the hotel each night! and enjoying each others company, it was awesome! then sunday night it was back home! Then monday we went to a crafters consignment store and browsed an antique store! Then played Rummycube!

BUT NOW she is gone! But I am still filled with the joy of her visit and getting ready to scrap a layout from the picture above! to try to keep that light of joy burning! Thank you Nancy for a wonderful week!! Posted by Picasa

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