Friday, May 19, 2006

My Class at Michaels (last night thursday)

Wow what a class, this was suppose to be the last of the class but I am scheduling an extra night! There is a gentlemen in the class that is so slow and demanding and he seems to just take over the class and slow the whole class down. He is a very large man and he will seem very nice and then all of a sudden he will act annoyed about something and he gets very angry acting and auctually scares me!

So anyways it is taking us so long to finish this piece and even his girlfriend who is in the class too acts like she is annoyed with him being in the class. So now we will have to work on it again together. The class is doing it on the file folder pictured but I usually work on something that is a little larger so they can see mine better when painting with them so I am putting mine on a wooden scrapbook album cover, so I am anxious to get it done! Today I also painted on a layout of my grandson Jason!


*Jeanne* said...

Teaching classes can be fun and a struggle.. I love the class you taught.. I hope this man gets done and out of your hair asap.. Nothing like taking the fun out of teaching from one person... hugs

Amy said...

Good luck, you'll do great!