Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today I took in one of the pieces for one of my next classes and the class I was teaching went nuts so I guess it is a big hit. It is a paper mache box with faces for all seasons based on a design by Shara Reiner. I had to adapt the size quite a bit as I could not get the box she originally did the design on so it was a chore to change it to fit but I am pleased with the outcome.

Hoping this one will pull in a lot of newcomers too!
Deb has decided to go to HOOT! so now I have someone to ride with me! so relieved as I was worried how I was going to make the trip on my own!!! Hoping Linda won't mind a third person in the room!

Tomorrow Jay and Amy move in! Posted by Picasa

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Margo said...

Another great peice, I just love how talented you are with your painting.