Saturday, August 19, 2006

Britton and Noah are having fun together

It is wonderful to see the two cousins play together so well! I pray that even though they live so many miles apart that someday they will become extremely close! They are only 8 days apart with Britton being the oldest! I hope that they will have some common interest and be able to look forward to visits from one another. I pray that each of my grandchildren will learn to only look for the best in people!
So many times people are so negative against other people and think that everyone is against them. My husbands grandmother, Florence Kithcart, God rest her sole could find good in every person and I pray that my grandchildren will be that way and I pray for the Lord to help me to be that way!!
I hear my grandchildren say " he/she gave me a dirty look (sometimes even meaning someone they see on the street they don't even know) when I hear that I tell them "no way, You can't read a look like that, so get a life, people look at you or even past you, it does not mean they are giving you a dirty look! LIFE IS WAY TO SHORT TO WORRY ABOUT LOOKS!!
So lets take time to love our family and friends and enjoy life! Take a lesson from Britton and Noah!!!


*Jeanne* said...

I just love the photo Q!

motobarbie said...

I am so happy you are enjoying your Grandchildren and I think you are a great Grandma

Susie said...

Please Amy I am not a great grandma yet!!!!

Denean said...

they are just too cute! Glad you are getting to spend time together!!