Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just put up Mini Challenge part 2 on TMS!

A layout with 5 entries going to each person who makes the layout!
1 entry if you do a tag! and 3 extra if the tag is from the tag challenge
I gave earlier (even if you did not make the deadline! you can still make it
follow the guidelines!)
1 Photo only a requirement
1 metal embellishment-for 2 entries

NOW I think I am being really easy on them with this one!
and I have my example to show!
Oh and I always like to give reward for the first one done since I am the worlds slowest! so 1 extra entry for the first layout loaded.

Here is my layout!

1 comment:

Denean said...

Beautiful layout Susie! I am a MEGA slow scrapper. Look at me with my one big point! LOL!!