Thursday, August 03, 2006

OUCH!! Poor Jay Jay!


Day before yesterday Jay Jay decides to try to jump from one of Grandma's antique milk cans to the other!

YOU GOT IT, He did not make it and the result he put his tooth right through his cheeck from the inside out! The hole on the outside is nothing but the inside is a gaping hole!!! The doctors went back and forth should they stitch it, or not! They finally decided not to but put him on some strong antibiotics!

Yesterday he woke up with his face huge and swollen! I took a picture yesterday but it was also red and warm to touch! We waited until today and if it was not any better he was going back to the doctor but today the warmth and redness was gone! I took some more pictures today and these are from today!! He just looked much more uncomfortable yesterday and I could not bare to put those up! Posted by Picasa


Denean said...

awww, poor guy! Hope he is doing better!

motobarbie said...

Aww poor little guy. Caden rode his bike down a cliff two years ago and lost both his top front teeth and had tons of battle wounds, I feel for him! I remember how bad I felt for Caden.

*Jeanne* said...

From one person who fell on her face to another... My HEART goes out to him. OMG I know the pain... I hope he heals soon... Ice can be your best friend.

*Elise* said...

Poor little guy! I can't imagine how much that hurt. Hope he learned his lesson though and doesn't try that again.