Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scrapathalon Week #4 points so far!!!

Wow its already WED. of week 4!!! Some frustration along the way with the site going down so the mini challenge #1 is been extented.... Can't wait to see the painted tags!!

Margo got 2 entries in this weeks drawing for posting her lovely tag first!!! Woo hoo way to go Margo!
Also I have posted some getting to know TMS Design Team questions and so a few more
entries have been earned this way!

So for the total entries earned so far!

Shelley has earned 15 entries (1 missed from last week!)
Margo has earned 5 entries
Terry has earned 1 entry
Janean has earned 2 entries
Samantha has earned 1 entry
Denean has earned 13 entry
Kathy C (kacarr61) has earned 12 entries
I can't wait to finish this mini challenge so we can start the next!! Humm wonder what is up my sleeve?

By the way I love comments on my Blog and I love reading what others write too!!


Susie said...

If you are reading this and leaving a comment then I have a surprise for you if you are a Scrapathalon participant!

Terry said...

Susie! you guys are doing an awesome job with this challenge/contest. I love how you're all adding your own spin to it!

Great blog, BTW!

motobarbie said...

Woo Hoo WTG ladies. Oh and Susie don't forget to add the entry for Shelley that I was unable to add to last weeks drawing please.
You are doing a great job on the fun challenges.

Margo said...

You are doing a great job as hostess this week! I would have never gotten out my paints other wise...:O

I loved reading your blog!

taylorsmom said...

Painting that tag was lots of fun! I am now considering taking a painting class!

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

This is so much fun Susie! You guys are doing such a great job with these challenges! Thanks a lot!

Denean said...

Hi Susie! I am loving your challenges - just wish I could get more done this week! You are a great, fun hostess!
Love your painted tag and all the ways you incorporate painting in your work!!

motobarbie said...

Everyone is doing such a super job!