Monday, August 28, 2006

Nancy wins vote for Anything goes challenge!

It is funny how the entries jumped all over the place! Nancy jumped up quite a bit
today by winning the vote for the Anything goes challenge!
Course I am preparing the entries and it only takes one to win so we shall see!

But here are the final entries I calculated! I added entries to my blog as soon as someone got them so as to keep track!

Shelley has earned 58 entries (1 missed from last week!)
Margo has earned 10 entries
Terry has earned 1 entry
Janean has earned 8 entries
Samantha has earned 11 entry
Denean has earned 18 entry
Kathy C (kacarr61) has earned 28 entries
Nancy has earned 52 entries

1 comment:

motobarbie said...

Wow you ladies did a super job!