Friday, August 25, 2006

Such a long night last night!

Last night we had severe thunderstorms, with hail and tornado warnings, several touched down in Mn. just west of us, over 50 homes were damaged. Then Jay Jay kicked over a stand I had in the livingroom showing hubby the door to it re: changing the door for a paint design idea and unfortanetly at the same time his dad Jason sr. had just layed down Noah on the floor to change his diaper. Yep the stand hit him smack in the forehead above the nose and we ended up in the Emergency dept. Well all was well it is just a really really bad goose egg and he is going to have two black eyes and of course we have to watch for signs of concussion.

Then at 3:30 Am another storm hits and the wind began and we were awake and watching the lightening and the wind and the hail.

So of course today due to lack of sleep I have a migraine!!! BUt not as bad as it could be! So I am thankful for that!

I wish the Memory Safe Gallery was fixed, it will take me forever to catchup once it is. But at least on the blog you can click on it and see it larger. When attaching on threads on TMS is ok but not as good as the blog or the gallery!! Soon I pray!

The Scrapathalon is going well, although I believe the question about a Design Teams Real Name may have been too hard. Even though the answer is right under their noses! Course I believe it is because they are so use to using the search button for finding the answer. I have given a hint or two, guess we shall see!!

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motobarbie said...

I know who it is, LOL. I gave a hint tonight.

Glad you are all safe with the storms so far. I have been thinking about you.

Big hugs to baby!