Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scrapathalon Week #4 points adding up fast!!!

Ok time to start a new post for entries earnings so far!!

Thank goodness Denean got the question about my real name! Glad that one is done!!!!

New mini challenge out which could really change the leading points fast! I am really enjoying doing the challenges !
Shelley has earned 58 entries (1 missed from last week!)
Margo has earned 10 entries
Terry has earned 1 entry
Janean has earned 8 entries
Samantha has earned 11 entry
Denean has earned 18 entry
Kathy C (kacarr61) has earned 28 entries
Nancy has earned 52 entries


Denean said...

What a fun question! Love it that you are so tricky!! And it doesnt hurt to throw us a curve now and again! :)

motobarbie said...

WOW Shelley really has won a ton of entries, LOL