Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time to show you what I have been up to!

I found a great Scrapbooking forum the beginning of February. I have really taken a great liking to this site! The people are great there!
The crops are AWESOME! As a matter of Fact I won one of the drawings for the crop we had the end of February! I have not gotten my prize yet but I have heard they are terrific and knowing Jodie the owner I am sure they are!

When I joined there they had just started a sign up for a Dt contest that was different then any I had ever seen! This Dt contest is one where each week has a challenge which is put up on Monday and the layouts must be done on Friday and then the next Monday, there are eliminations and a new challenge! It is stressful but the end result is that I will have some great layouts either way!

We cannot post our layouts anywhere but in the layout on the site and here on our blog, so I have decided to show you my layouts. We are now into the 3rd week and Surprise! I am still in!! Hope showing you week 3 does not jinx me! LOL!!

NOW before I show the layouts I do want to tell you where this Wonderful site is...
You need to come see all the layouts and see how beautiful the site is.. ( I don't know who designed the site but it is striking!!!) SCRAP4LIFE The Gallery is on fire!!

Week #1 our challenge was to use Bling or glitter
My Layout is Ice Prince

Week #2 got harder we had to have prominent use some kind of clear element in our design—transparencies, ghost letters, acrylic items.
My layout is Maui.. Grand adventure

Then when we did not think it could not get any harder
Week #3 the challenge is to create a layout using a self-made embellishment. In addition to this, you must use 4-5 photos AND use a mixture of black&white and color photos! EEEKKK!!

My Layout is A Perfect Match-
Journaling reads: My sweet Britton, I remember like it was yesterday, when they first put you into grandma's arms. So tiny and so perfect. I can remember how nervous mommy and daddy were to do everything just right. They could not have been prouder of you. The funny part about them worrying is that I know God picked them especially for you! We would never have guessed back then that you would be diagnosed mildly autistic, But it does not matter because God made you and mommy and daddy "a Perfect Match" because they are so good at helping you to learn and to overcome! Thank you God!

I hope you liked them and I hope you will check out Scrap4Life
Please remember to think of me 9 am Monday morning when the next Challenge
is posted! That is also when we find out what 10 are eliminated
and which 11 go on!


Jenn said...

loved your lo girl! keepin my fingers crossed for both of us!!

Lesli said...

Absolutely beautiful pages - I will check out the site as soon as I get a chance :)

Kazan said...

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and your blog rocks too :)

Christa said...

Great LOs! Good luck! Fingers are crossed.

Christa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love Scrapping the Music site. I've had fun coming up with my LOs.
The park from my LO is Highland Park in Endicot. My Grandparents lived walking distance to the park. We would go a lot when I was little.

Nora Lee said...

I love this scrapbook layout, so pretty. I recognize the Creative Memories punch, they are my favorite. I came by your blog from a post on Liz's site. Great visit!