Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I need your help! For a friend!

My scrapfriend Denean is in need of Prayers for her little girl Elena and also for herself! I have copied some of the information from Denean's blog here so you know what is happening but what would be awesome is if you went to the blog and left her a comment letting her know you are praying! A little web space to call my own

Elena has been diagnosed with Amblyopia. Amblyopia is the eye condition noted by reduced vision not correctable by glasses or contact lenses and is not due to any eye disease. The brain, for some reason, does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye. She started wearing a patch for two hours a day, and her eye improved some, so the Dr upped the patch wearing to six hours a day. This has been a bit of a struggle. Six hours is an eternity for a five year old.

Since this was not noticed at her previous check ups, and has seemed to suddenly appear, the doc wants to run some tests to "rule out" some explanations. Elena is going for a CAT scan of her eye and brain on Thursday and she is very nervous. Please pray for peace for her, that she will realize its not so bad and pray also that the scan is clear.

Thank you all so, so much!


Lesli said...

What a beauty - off I go to offer support!

L said...

wow... definitely in my thoughts and sending up a prayer...

Judy said...

Will keep her in my prayers.

denean said...

Thanks so much ladies!
Susie - you are such a big sweetheart! Thanks!!

Tabitha said...

I will be praying for her!!

you are so welcome for the gifts!! You know god does work in mysterious ways!!



Jen Sue Wild said...

How heart breaking . Meand my family will keep them in our prayers.