Friday, March 07, 2008

Spending time with Family

A few years back I was on the Social Concerns Committee for my area Church district. This year I have been asked to head the Committee although we have not yet been able to meet as the District Superintendent has been unable to due to some other conflicts but I feel strongly that one of the biggest things affecting the family today is the loss of time spent together.

I remember when my children were teens and my daughter came home from school one day and was talking about a discussion in health class that day.
She is now 31. She said they asked them to raise their hands if they sit down to family meals at the table, her and one other person raised their hand. My mind was blown away back then and today I just can't imagine!

So when my grandsons come to visit we try to spend as much family time with them as possible! Playing in the snow, family dinners of course and even this past weekend we took them bowling.. NOW there was a blast, My oldest grandson Jason 6 years old had a 103 (okay I admit there was bumpers up for the gutters) but hey! Noah ran over once and bowled in the lane next to us and helped the little boy bowling in the other lane! WHOOPS fortunately they laughed with us! You have to know Noah! He is a monkey!

I will end with some photos! BE SURE AND SPEND SOME QUALITY FAMILY TIME THIS WEEKEND! it doesn't always have to be quantity as long as it is Quality!

Oh and one more litte point, my sweet friend Nikki and I had lunch yesterday and were sharing some thoughts and one thing Nikki pointed out is that sometimes with our children we think we are listening to them but are we really? OR ARE WE JUST SAYING UH HUM YEAH YES, are our ears really tuned into them? GREAT POINT NIKKI! I sure do love Nikki, she is a great friend and a wonderful MOM!


Lesli said...

Just too fun - I love bowling with my family!

Tabitha said...

you need to get the bowl-a-rama paper at sassy scrappers!