Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One week left to March! YEAH!!!

I am so glad that it is almost spring! Yes the calendar says spring but I mean really spring! I thought I would share just a few more Easter photos!

Darling Daughter Mindy and her hubby Michael. They have been married since 2001. I am patiently waiting for grandchildren from them! Hoping for the granddaughter I don't have yet!

My oldest grandson Jason and me! Jason loves this photo!
He says "that's a cool picture Grandma, I like it!" guess that means I better scrap it!

My daughter and me! I have been told many times we look alike but I don't think Mindy appreciates this comment!
That is all for the family shots but I do have one more photo I really want to share!

Last but not least: the poor misused dog did not get anything from the Easter Bunny so she is sadly watching Noah enjoy his basket!

I also wanted to share with you that I have recovered from the disappointed of not making the Dt on the other site, I like the other site as it was still small and building up and I wanted to watch it grow but I will still visit but I have not given up my quest! I have been on a Dt before and I know I am good enough and I know my devotion to a site! So I am off and running again! I have also decided that I may also try for some blogs as I frequent them and love so many! I love a good challenge and it gives me the Mojo I feed on!

Another site I belong to is having a contest for DT Scrapstreet members at this site will be able to vote for members layouts so Just remember I may need you to be my cheerleaders!
The first challenge was to look at designs from Paris week and get our inspiration from there! Here is my entry for Week #1


Lisa said...

I love your layout! I live in Memphis, so I can relate to the river. Great photos too!

iris said...

You have a beautiful family. Your grandson Noah is so adorable. I love the layout "Ice Prince" you did for him. The stars looks awesome. What did you do there?

NancyJones said...

ohhh looks like yall had a wonderful time girl big hugs