Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Naming our Farm house on the Hill!

First I have to say that I hope hubby doesn't have a bird because I forgot to ask him last night what he thought of the name I finally choose but I really think he is going to like it too!
This is a photo of a Moose skull that we had at our house in Mn. and I liked it so much we brought it with us when we moved back to N.Y.. It was somewhat common for Mn. but unique for N.Y.
Are you starting to get any ideas towards the name?

Well what I came up with and I will be Painting a sign for it... is
I am excited about the name I finally choose! I really like it!

Now I would like to share something else I am excited about! A new stamp system
I think is awesome and I want badly and some totally awesome stamps too! This is
a really great company and they sell kits too!
The Unity Stamp Company

also make sure and stop by their blog and leave a comment for a chance at a great prize!


The Hunter's Wife said...

Cute name.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Love the name!!
We are big on the name moose at our house.
My girls high school is the Palmer moose.

Lisa said...

Those stamps are so cool, I can't wait until they have a monthly kit!

Lesli said...

I love the name - great pick!

susiej said...

Great choice!

Bek said...

Nice to meet you, Susie! It's always good to see another Christian sister in the world of blogs!

I had never thought of being a camp caretaker, that does sound appealing. Maybe the hubby and I will look into that!

By the way, I live back in Kansas City now, my home sweet home! I do miss the beach, but this is where I want to raise our kids.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I hope to see you soon, and I'll be stopping by again to read yours!

denean said...

Love the name!! Can't wait to see the sign!