Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of Easter Photos!

First the bad news! I did not make it to week 4!

Now for fun! HERE are some of my photos from Easter! Just want to say that my grandson Noah is hard to get good photos of unless you catch him naturally! SO watch for all the closed eyes and funny facial expressions on the little guy!
See my hands!!!

See the hat the Easter Bunny left in Noah's Basket! Isn't it a riot!

Looking for where the Easter Bunny hid the baskets!
This is not an Easter Egg Grandma! Where did it come from?
Trying to get an egg out of the bush!
NOW that is a strange place for an egg!
Found more! (right before the wipe out! oh the knee of those pants!!!)
Check out these faces! finally the last one is doable! not great but doable!

I have not done any photo editing yet so Noah's little sore below his lip still shows
his face is not dirty!!! If anyone has any suggestions how to get him to not close his eyes/squint and to not look away I would love them! Or do I just have to wait till he is older! LOL
Jason's photo came out Perfect the first time
Together and NOT FIGHTING!!


denean said...

Oh Susie! Sorry you didnt make it to round 4 - your layouts were great!!

Love all the fun Easter pictures! Your grandsons are just too cute!

And I LOVE your header!! Great job on the blog makeover!

Christa said...

:( sorry you didn't make the next round. Are you doing scrapstreet star? I'm always going out for DT also!!

Great Easter pictures! Very good looking boys. :)

Scrapdragons said...

great layouts!!

laura s.

Tabitha said...

I am so sorry about the dt, keep trying. love all the easter pics!


Anonymous said...

What handsome little men you have! Looks like they had a fun Easter celebration.

Amy S said...

Susie, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting Heart of the Matter Online. The boys look sooo handsome in their Easter clothes.

Lesli said...

Sorry to hear about the DT. Great Easter photos - what handsome fellas!