Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Its Wednesday! Are you like me and don't like Wednesdays? Don't know exactly why just never like Wednesdays! Seems like a blah yucky day! Okay tell me I am crazy!

I would like to ask all you scrapbookers, cardmakers, papercrafters a favor! There is a forum that needs some help! I am on a Dt there, it is a very very small site that has no store and no sponsers. The site cannot get sponsers right now because it is so small that no one is willing to sponser her! I would like to see the site build up, so that Jean can get some sponsers! Please go over and visit, peak around, post a couple posts, say hello! Make her day.
Also I did want to add the if you have a store/site and want to sponser Jeans site, it would generate more business to your site! Even just through my blog too and through her site. Please help Jean build her dream! Thanks in advance!
The site is Jeanartdolls rubberstamping and scrapbooking

I tell you what between now and the end of March everyone who goes and joins and posts at least 10 posts will be put in a drawing for a Rak. I have a brand new Rhonna Farrer stamp I got a duplicate of and some ribbon I also got a duplicate to start. With every 5 that register I will add to the Rak. BUT you must come back here and Post and tell me that you have registered and your nickname (member name)!

Okay I think I will show you some more new layouts


Kazan said...

Thanks for checking out my blog Susie - I will go and see this little site that you are so passionate about - How nice of you to promote it :)
I think I will post tomorrow too - seems my post day for S4L is Thursday too. Have a lovely Wed

Lesli said...

Great job - I love those Lo's :) I hope your friends site gets bigger and better for her :)

Christa said...

How cool is that! I was born in Binghamton, lived in Apalachin and have Grandparents that live in Vestal. We visit almost every summer. I hope we'll be able to go this year.

Christa said...

YES YES YES we did have this chat!! hehehe