Monday, April 07, 2008


Happy Monday! WOW AM I BEHIND! Guess I have been busy with Contest and such!

First before I forget, ON My LAST post I talk about a RAK! WELL some have commented about being in the drawing but I need to remind all that In order to be in the drawing I need a link to your entry from my challenge!

NEXT there is a birthday bash to invite you too! IN 9 days my blog will be 2 years old and I am going to give away away a week long pile of raks starting on THIS WED. April 9th Thru to my blog birthday which will be the GRAND RAK on April 16th which 2 years ago just on a side note was Easter Day (A day of New Life and a First day of blogging for me, how interesting IMHO) So make sure you are here on WED to POST YOUR COMMENTS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON't POST! OH AND FOR THE FINAL WIN I AM GOING TO TAKE EACH PERSON WHO COMMENTS AND PUT THERE NAME INTO THE DRAWING FOR EACH TIME THEY POST BUT ON THE AUCTUAL BIRTHDAY IT COUNTS DOUBLE! OH AND AS AN EXTRA CATCH I MAY EVEN POST MORE THEN ONCE A DAY IF I FIND SOMETHING WORTH BLOGGING ABOUT! I may even giveaway something not scrapbooking like a handpainted item too! LOL!

I want to make it really fun!

NOW one more thing the Scrapbooking contest I entered on well I made the vote through Week 2. AND now I need to work on week 3 but will leave you will the layout from week 2! Thanks for looking! WOuLD YOU HAVE VOTED FOR ME? LOL oh don't worry you got to vote for 7 others besides me! LOL


Lesli said...

Awesome page Susie - it's good to be busy sometimes :)

Lisa said...

I love it! Yes I would have voted for you.

Jenn said...

Susie taht page is great!! I love the that felt? great job with the bg!! I have such a hard time working with some of their papers! but you rocked it!!

Jenn said...

ugh I'm a dork!!! I opened up the page big and realized that its one of the pieces of the bg!! duh!!! oh well the page is still great!!

Scraphappynicole said...

Wow, I love this. That picture is so cool. I love it. The felt title is awesome and the whole page is ROCKIN'! Excellent job!

denean said...

Awesome page, and yes, I did vote for you ;)
Love the big cut out flower!!