Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A very special day!

MY oldest grandson's very first official Baseball game! AND CAN I SAY I AM VERY PROUD OF MY GRANDSON, Jason Michael jr. His team lost but they gave it their best and with a score of 7-15 My grandson made 3 of his teams 7 runs! YEP I am proud! he kept his head in the game (never left for one minute, even when nature called, whoops! hey he is only 7 (well in a couple weeks!) Now don't tell him I told you about that but I thought you might notice the wet shirt in some of the photos!

I also want to say it was freezing out! AND I MEAN FREEZIng! we were wearing gloves and winter coats and freezing! SO can you imagine those poor baseball players, especially if they somehow got "WET" burrrrrrrrr~
OH and I just have to add in one of the cheering section!


Lisa said...

Bless his heart, he is committed to the game! I know you are proud of him.

Thank you for my happy mail today, I love the flowers and ribbon. I have been wanting to play with some of that paper ribbon, I have seen it used but didn't have any. You are so sweet!

Jen said...

Great photos! I know how the cold can be for sports events. My boys play soccer in the fall and come October it is FREEZING! By the way, I love his determination. ;)