Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thankful Tuesday! MORE Raks!

Well I am working on the cake but I think I should bake more then one!

Today being Thankful tuesday I am going to share what I am thankful for! I am thankful for God who loves us so much that he let his son die for me and for you! I am so thankful for my family and also for my church family. Right now our church is going through a rough time due to some people that are not following God but Mans way and are gossiping and spreading rumours! I ask if you are someone who prays to pray for my church! Also thankful for all my internet friends

Today I would like to share my newest layout with you that is of my sweeet grandson Noah but I will tell you that this is also a scraplift from Kristi on Memorable Seasons! (Giving credit where Credit is deserved!)

I bet some of you are dying to know who won yesterdays drawing! I did not forget although I do have a slight problem with yesterdays drawing and that is that the winner is someone that I am not sure if I know for sure! LOL ThE WINNER IS JUDY!
JUDY I am guessing I know you from Scrap4Life but if you could leave me a comment letting me know where I know you from! Then if that is it I will have you Pm me there with your snail mail. But also leave here that way you are in for todays drawing and it confirms it is the same person! LOL!

NOW FOR ALL COMMENTS FOR THE RAK TODAY I would like to ask one request.. Please share at least one thing you are thankful for! THANKS I appreciate it!


mustangkayla said...

Cute layout Susie! I am thankful for the ability to stay home with my son. It may be ending soon, so am quite thanksful I have been able to do it for at least 2 years.

Judy said...

Susie yes I am from Scrap4life.
I am mom.of.8
Thanks girlie!!!!!

Judy said...

I am Thankful for my children. They have given me so much love and pleasure to have around. Even
though they are adults they bring
me so much joy and my precious

Storm said...

Hi. I am thankful for heater running so I can keep warm on this cold day.

Lisa said...

Cute, cute the kid and the layout! Right now I am thankful for TENS unit hooked up to my shoulder and being pain free for a few minutes.

L said...

that layout is wonderful!!

I am thankful for time to spend with my 19 year old nephew to just talk and laugh and share our lives.

Jenn said...

your lo is great Susie!

Today I am feeling esp. thankful for my husband who is away serving our country. Keeping all of us free. And for the invention of the telephone so that I can still talk to him!

Storm said...

I got a message that I won. To answer your question, I found you blog hopping. My email address is storm2c@zoominternet.net.