Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!! WiN A RAK!!!!!!!

I thought I would share how GOD touched me on Saturday!
Saturday I was in charge of a Ladies Brunch for a Zone Ladies Days out for Our District . This involves 8 churches from our district.

We had a theme of "TURNING YOUR SCRAPS INTO SCULPTURES" which is what we do in scrapbooking but also is what we can do with so many parts of our lifes!

The hall was decorated wonderfully, my centerpieces came out great IMHO and all was set! but barely anyone attended! WHAT HAPPEN, I don't really know but what I do know is
OUR SPEAKER DIANE BAILEY was awesome, she touched me, she touched others with what she had to say about "TURNING YOUR SCRAPS INTO SCULPTURES" Diane admits to being one of the least crafty persons but she turns her scraps into sculptures with the way she uses her gifts to minister to others, to worship the Lord. To that I can testify as I have seen Diane in action!

The guest Singer, Missy Jones was excellent also and the song she chose was excellent to tie into our theme.

My wonderful helper, Tina Larson was able to acquire some Tape sculptures from her High school students at Athens High school for part of our Decorations!

JUST wondering what Scraps that the Lord gives you USE TO TURN INTO SCULPTURES! THINK ABOUT IT AND IF YOU ARE NOT USING THEM.... REMEMBER how much you hate to throw away those scrapbook Pattern Paper scraps.... I am challenging you to make a layout out of scraps about turning "YOUR SCRAPS INTO SCULPTURES" I will draw a name for a rak out of all the links I get with layouts for my challenge. I will post the rak later! (Sorry but right now I can't think of a rak and I want it to be good!)


camport said...

Hi from UnPubbed!

The easiest way for us to see your page is if you upload it to a galler like ScrapinStlyetv.com or twopeasinabucket.com or any other gallery.

Then just copy and past the url in a comment. Even if you post it in a blog post and copy and paste that url we can usually see it.

I hope that helps!


Scrapping Servant said...

That sounds so great... I went to a holiday seminar like that once were not a lot of people showed up and we didn't know why, but it was great also.

Ps. I missed you over at my place on Monday, but glad to see you posted on how God blessed you today.

Lesli said...

Great job Susie - what a wonderful idea - thanks for your well wishes on my blog!

denean said...

Sounds wonderful!
LOVE the ceterpieces!! The flowers are so pretty!

Lisa said...

Susie...I signed up to 2 Sassy Scrappers as scrappycatz

Nadia said...

Susie this is awesome. What a great way to give back to the community :) Love the centerpieces.

Alyson & Ford said...

Love the flowers!! I hope you continue giving to others - sounds like you have LOTS of energy!! Count me in for the drawing!

Jenn said...

the cenerpieces are beautiful! thanks for sharing the story!!

Tabitha said...

what a great story susie, and congrats.

Greta Adams said...

wow that is such a great story...

thanks for the sweet comments on the unpubbed blog....i am blushing....heheheheheeh

have a great week susie